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The 2018 Blacktip presents the best overall combination of drive and maneuverability in our wave sail range. Blacktip is the most popular choice for the modern progressive wave riding style when you have multiple factors at play like apparent wind, gusty power bands, competitive crowds, and the need to get planing quickly to get out of trouble. Blacktip features ultra-light and direct handling, while also providing an expanded wind range to allow the rider some flexibility in rigging and tuning. The compact outline offers a lot of front-end drive to generate speed in turns, the 4 batten profile extends the threshold of environments that one can venture out in. Blacktip goes from powered up to neutral instantly, which allows you to generate more torque off the bottom turn with a generous release of power off the top, all the while not compromising whatsoever in placement and position. Blacktip is always a top choice.  It rides so effortless – everything feels easy!

Blacktip combines effectiveness and efficiency with a stable feeling rig that goes exactly where you want it to go. 


- The kevlar stretch control tendons combined with a progressive batten layout secures the sail profile giving the sail a wide wind range.
- A lower positioned clew ring to respond to a more upright sailing position, seen in multi-fin sailing. 
- Low end power for early planing, high cut foot combined with relatively short boom for maneuverbility.
- Superb ability to de-power in the critical moment of a maneuver and very forgiving handling characteristic.
- Light weight panel layout. 
- Seams aligned along the directions of the load lines to distribute the forces. 

size boom luff mast top battens
3,4 135 340 340 adjustable 4
3,7 144 354 340 adjustable 4
4,0 148 367 340/370 adjustable 4
4,2 154 371 370 fixed 4
4,5 159 385 370 fixed 4
4,7 165 392 370 fixed 4
5,0 167 406 400 fixed 4
5,3 171 420 400 fixed 4
5,6 173 434 430 fixed 4
5,9 177 446 430 fixed 4

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