2021 ACE


2021 ACE


The Ace is our dedicated freestyle sail, designed to give maximum lift, stability and easy ducking. The key strength of the Ace is its ability to go from completely neutral to full power in an instant. The tight leach allows you to effortlessly duck the sail through the wind into a back winded position. The Ace features a lightweight panel layout that makes the handling a breeze. The high cut foot allows the sail to move around your body position without throwing you off balance and this combined with the Dacron panel along the luff will provide you with instantaneous power to direct into your moves. The Kevlar Stretch Control System keeps the draft in place as well as making the sail more durable. The fith generation of Ace features large monofilm panels, this give a more direct feeling and provide a more effective power delivery. The new panel layout also features a light-weight Q-Ply in the luff panel, combined with a vertical kevlar load line from top to tack. This helps to control the profile as well as the longevity of the materials, hence a light-weight sail that will stay intact for many seasons to come. Dedicated freestylers will rig the Ace with less downhaul with a tighter leach for maximum lift, freestyle wave riders can choose to apply slightly more downhaul for more control in a wider range of conditions. Our design team have also fine tuned the aspect ratio with slight adjustments to the mast and boom lengths that has further improved the balance between low end power and high end control, allowing you to get on your smaller sizes earlier and stay on them for longer if the wind picks up.
// High cut foot

//  Vertical Kevlar Load Line from top to tack control the central effort; increase the longevity of the material which ensures that the sail profiles stay intact for many seasons.

//  Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons distribute the load throughout the surface of the sail. They control the breaking point for the twist and increase the wind range.

// Finger Patch Tendons in clew to for greater load distribution over a larger area of the surface, which increases the durability, as well as the direct handling of the sail.

// Q-Ply Luff Panel for a softer and more forward-focused power delivery on a horizontal axis. This combined with the strength provided by the vertical load line for maintained profile stability and durability.

// Precision Tapered Battens on the lower two battens. The taper is designed to push the sail profile forward and keep the draft locked in for stability.


size boom luff mast top battens
3.7 146 370 370 adjustable 4
4.0 152 378 370 fixed 4
4.4 154 398 370 fixed 4
4.8 157 420 400 fixed 4
5.2 162 428 400 fixed 4


SIMMER STYLE // 2021 ACE from Simmer Style on Vimeo.


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