2021 Blacktip Legacy




The 2021 Blacktip Legacy represents Simmer Style’s heritage in providing high-end performance coupled with hardcore durability. Blacktip Legacy enters the arena prepared to slay wave after wave and stay hungry for another, no matter what the consequences maybe, even if you are in an environment with sharp features and obstacles. With all X-Ply construction and PVC main paneling, Blacktip Legacy also possesses the precise handling and fingertip reaction that the Blacktip is famous for, being of the very same profile. This is the best choice for any rider who wants a bulletproof sail that allows you to go for it, knowing your gear can handle it. The ever durable Blacktip Legacy is your shield of invincibility.

In the 40 year history of the Simmer Style brand, the Blacktip has become our best-selling sail model of all times. This success is primarily due to its superb versatility to deliver high-performance in any wave sailing conditions, from side-offshore winds at Hookipa, or the perfect peeling waves at Ponta Preta; to nuking onshore winds in Pozo. Our talented team of test riders have tested and tortured our 2021 prototypes in all imaginable conditions. The design team have re-thought, re-designed and refined down to the smallest details in every sail size; creating a sail that long respected designer Tomas Persson claims to be the most refined sail designs in his career.

The -21 Blacktip presents ultra-light, direct handling combined with a generous wind range, a.k.a the ultimate performance sail for the avid wave sailor Worldwide. Its progressive four batten layout in all sizes provides fingertip control and all available power into any maneuver in the critical sections of the wave. The new panel layout featuring light-weight Q-Ply in the luff panel, combined with a vertical kevlar load line from top to tack helps to control the profile,  preserving the longevity of the materials while providing a light-weight sail that will stay intact for many seasons to come.

The design features include a lowered center of effort and a more forward-focused shape, combined with an improved luff curve in the upper quarter of the sail, that allows for a lower point of the initiation of twist. A compact outline and medium to low aspect ratio provide a powerful front-end drive to generate speed in turns, with superb control in high-wind jumps.  The 2021 Blacktip presents the cutting edge of sail design for the serious wave sailor looking for a sail to push their wavesailing to the next level.

// Four Batten Layout in all sizes. Fingertip control, light-weight, and drive to maneuver.

// The Blacktip has more back-hand throttle than the Icon, and is therefor more suitable for riders who prefer a more active style of sailing.

//  Vertical Kevlar Load Line from top to tack control the central effort; increase the longevity of the material which ensures that the sail profile stays intact for many seasons.

//  Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons distribute the load throughout the surface of the sail. They control the breaking point for the twist and increase the wind range.

// The Q-Ply Luff Panel provides direct power delivery, wide range sail with heaps of flex feel and control.

// Finger Patch Tendons in clew to for greater load distribution over a larger area of the surface, which increases the durability, as well as the direct handling of the sail.


size boom luff mast top battens
3.4 134 340 340 adjustable 4
3.7 144 353 340 adjustable 4
4.0 149 363 340 adjustable 4
4.2 149 370 370 fixed 4
4.5 158 384 370 fixed 4
4.7 164 390 370 fixed 4
5.0 167 403 400 fixed 4
5.3 174 418 400 fixed 4
5.6 175 432 430 fixed 4
5.9 179 445 430 fixed 4


// Materials
  1. 2 MIL Q-Ply
  2. Kevlar Stretch Control Tendon
  3. Vertical Kevlar Load Line
  4. 2 MIL Q-Ply luff panel
  5. Kevlar Stretch Control Tendon
  6. 4 MIL Wide Spaced X-Ply
  7. Durable PVC Window
  8. 5 MIL X-Ply
  9. Moulded EVA Tack Fairing
  10. Flat Profile Mini Batten
  11. Insignia Self-Adhesive Darcon
  12. Nylon Leach Protection
  13. PVC Foot Piping Protection



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