2021 S MAX Twin Cam


2021 S MAX


The S Max is the ideal dual-purpose high-performance sail for both Freeracing and Wind Foiling. If you want to go fast, whether, on a foil or a fin, you need control. The S Max features superb stability that a cambered sail offers, a short boom for better control, and a forward-focused and powerful sail profile. The S Max offers quick and simple rigging, great low-end power, stability when under max power, and smooth camber rotation. Featuring the latest vertical shaping profile, and light-weight monofilm batten pockets. S Max offers race sail performance, but in a user-friendly and easy to handle twin cam, 6 batten configuration. The S Max rigs on both SDM and RDM masts for the ultimate in adaptability. Therefore the S Max comes standard with one extra camber, the TEKCAM Reduced which allows you to rig your S Max on an SDM as well as an RDM mast. To get ultimate performance from the S Max for foiling, rig with slightly less down to give the sail a tighter leach. This will create a more stable draft for foiling.

// Twin TEKCAM

// 6 battens

// Rigs on both SDM and RDM masts

// The low-end power ensures effortless planing and great stability

// Wide wind range


size boom luff mast top battens
5.5 180 419 400 adjustable 6
6.0 186 432 430 fixed 6
6.5 198 444 430 fixed 6
7.1 210 458 430 fixed 6
7.8 219 477 460 fixed 6
8.5 227 498 490 fixed 6



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