2019 SCS slalom 3 Cam

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2019 SCS



SCS is designed with the same genetics aspects of the SCR to guarantee maximum performance racing and freeracing. Compared to the SCR, the SCS has a slightly more narrow luff sleeve which provides extraordinarily easy handling, rigging and tuning. SCS rigs perfectly on the SX8 mast providing high-end racing performance at a more affordable price. For the top performance upgrade we recommend the SX10 mast, which will make the rig slightly more efficient. 

SCS three cambers rotate smoothly to keep the low center of effort in place at all times, providing a perfect balanced handling and riding comfort.  The vertical shaping technique adopted from the SCR distributes the profile into a larger area of the sail which creates a smoother curve. Our vertical shaping combined with a one piece luff panel reduces stretch in this critical area of the sail whilst effectively increasing durability and longevity.

The Simmer Style SCS will just go faster and faster, even in the most demanding open ocean conditions. Most of us enjoy longer reaches where we drag race our friends or against our GPS at the local lake or beach. Choose SCS as your lethal weapon to reach maximum speeds, quick planing and rocket acceleration under full control at all times. 



  • Three cambers
  • 7 battensDesigned for a lower carbon content mast, the SX8
  • The low-end power ensures effortless planing and great stability
  • Wide wind range
  • Easy rigging and easy tuning


size boom luff mast top battens
6,3 193 437 430 fixed 7
7,0 206 457 430 fixed 7
7,8 215 482 460 fixed 7
8,6 227 502 490 fixed 7
9,2 237 518 490 fixed


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