Vector Slalom Weed


Our Slalom Weed fins has been going through a long period of R+D. Our design brief was to develop a Slalom Weed fin with the highest performance possible. This required us to “think out of the box” and refine the foil, outline and flex to make the best possible fin. 1 year down the track, with a lot of proto type fins behind us, we are proud to offer this new high performance line of weed fins. We found that a 40 degree rake was enough to get rid of sea weed, but also more important increased the performance a lot compared to our 45 degree proto fin. The base of the fins are wide for maximum drive and the foil is refined for the 40 degree rake and ensure the top end speed. You don’t need any flex in a weed fin and we delivered a rigid and very slippery fast feeling. When you have a closer look and feel you will notice the refined concave towards the trailing edge”- We are not just a raked back standard slalom fin, – as others!!”

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