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$1500 until stock is sold out

We have put together a Windsurf Foil package to cover the high demand of the Slingshot Hoverglide package.

2019 RideEngine is 100% identical product to Slingshot. For a limited time we have a good discount for following Windsurf package.

- Infinity 76cm front wing (Infinity 84cm can be arranged, please ask)
- 42cm rear wing
- 78cm fuselage
- 61cm mast (90cm mast can be supplied later, for a fair price)
- Tuttlehead connector (or 4 bolt plate)
- Note that there is no cover or bag incl in this price.


25% Discount on all 2019 Sails

SlingWing 4.2m v.1

July arrival. Order now to get one from the first shipment

$1295 incl Pump

Remaining stock of Cortex v1 Boards discounted to $2520

78 / 84 / 90

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learner rigs for any age. 1.5 - 6.0.
Complete rigs From $413

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25% Discount on all 2019 sails

2018 Sails

2019 Sails