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Simmer Style 2 Year Product 2022 / 2023

The main benefits are:

a longer product lifespan, beneficial for shops and the Simmer Style warehouse to keep in-year stock.

a longer product / material lifespan will help our suppliers to keep up with the demand.

a longer product lifespan will create an even higher value / trust for Simmer Style products on the second-hand market. 

a longer product lifespan will allow our R&D team even more time to develop our products.

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Slingshot Slingwing v3

Slingshot Phantasm Foil Range 2022

Wind / Wing / SUP / Surf

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2021 boards have arrived and is in stock!

Slingshot 2021 Wizard

150L 0 in stock

130L 1 in stock

114L 1 in stock

90L 3 in stock

2021 Wizards

Simmer Style Foils

All the options

Simmer Style Blackbird 110L Hybrid Wind / Wing / SUP / Surf

The board that do it all.

130L Awaiting stock

110L 1 in stock

90L 1 in stock - For Wing Only

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20% Discount on all 2021 sails!