SX8 RDM Carbon Extension


SX8 extension


The SX8 pre-preg carbon extension provides a light and stiff tube with a high tolerance for loads on the longer settings. The roller bearing parts make down hauling your sail easy, while the durable metal parts ensure a long lasting safe product. The SX8 extensions are designed from a high grade pre-preg carbon. This technology ensures optimum control of resin content and resin distribution throughout the laminate. The carbon layup features a 90 degree orientation for highest possible strength. With a removable pin adjustment system the SX8 extension can be set to 0 cm.

- 0 cm to 32/49 cm extension. 
- Quick-lock release. 
- Pin adjustment system.
- Dynema rope for reduced friction and increased longevity.



size diameter adjustment material lock weight min/max
32 RDM 2 cm Pre-Preg Carbon Pin 0.49 kg 0 to 32 cm
48 RDM 2 cm Pre-Preg Carbon Pin 0.54 kg 0 to 48 cm